• Photos on all subjects relating to education are welcome. Do not send a large number of photos as e-mail attachments to a single message (the combined size of all attachments to one e-mail should be no more than about 8 megabytes). If you send many photos, store them on a CD-ROM and mail them to the Editor’s office. Include your name as part of the photo file name and your contact information (name, address, e-mail).
  • Use the highest setting on your digital camera or smartphone to ensure high-quality photos.
  • Submit graphs, charts, and other graphics in one of the following formats: .pdf, .pps, .eps, .jpg, .tiff.
  • All photos must be in the following formats: .jpg or .tiff.
  • Send only high-resolution photos. To reproduce well, photo files should be at least 500 kilobytes, preferably 1-5 megabytes (or larger).
  • Glossy prints are acceptable; also, please indicate if you wish for them to be returned.
  • If you are using a photo-editing program or e-mail program that asks you to select the resolution/size of photos to send, choose “Large,” “Original size,” or “High resolution.”
  • Do not send photos copied/downloaded from the Internet. They usually have too low a resolution to print well and may have copyright restrictions.
  • Before sending any photo, ensure that you are either the owner or have permission from the owner/copyright holder to submit it for publication in JAE.
  • Do not embed photos in Word files or e-mails. Send as attached files.
  • Bio photos: Please provide a formal photo, wearing professional work or church clothes, with a plain background and only one person in the photo.
  • If you submit photos with people in them, contact the Editor for a model release form. All people in every photo must sign this release; a parental signature is required for minors.
  • Send articles and photos as e-mail attachments to the Editor or mail them on a CD-ROM or thumb drive to

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