Articles printed in JAE are peer-reviewed using a double-masked, -anonymized process: the editorial staff shields the author’s identity from the peer reviewers, and authors are not told who reviewed their article. Editorial Manager facilitates this process.

  1. Upon receipt of a manuscript, the editor assesses whether the article is relevant to the JAE audience. This decision can also be shared with JAE’s departmental advisor, an elected associate director within the General Conference Education Department.
  2. If deemed relevant, the editor selects two to three reviewers with knowledge of the content and sends them an invitation to review the manuscript.
  3. Reviewers can accept or decline the invitation; however, if the invitation is accepted, the reviewer has 14 to 21 days to submit comments and suggestions, along with the recommendation to reject, revise, or accept the manuscript.
  4. When all the reviews have been returned, the editor reviews the responses and makes the final decision. The author receives this decision with a compiled list of comments from the reviewers and the editorial team.
  5. Manuscripts accepted with recommendations for revision are sent back to the author with a deadline for re-submission. Authors are invited to address the reviewers’ comments or provide rebuttals for those items deemed outside the scope of the manuscript.
  6. Upon receipt of a revised submission that meets the standard of both the editor and author/s, the article moves into production and layout.